Thursday, April 26, 2012

Enderman - Sculpting Update

Finally toke time to start sculpting the enderman. The sculpt is like 80-90% done, so only some minor details before I start creating the textures and drag it back into 3Ds Max for rigging and final render.

I'll be in London next week so I probally won't have alot of time to continue this, but I'm hoping to atleast finish the sculpt tomorrow.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nordic Game Jam 2012


I'm currently at Nordic Game Jam 2012, where I have with a group of people been working on creating a game on 48 hours.
Currently the finishing touches are being put on our game so I decided to show of the character that I created for our game, "Cardboxing".

I call him, a Little Devil, mostly in lack of a better name xD

I'm not the most experience character modeller (or texture for that sake) so it's probaly not very good, especially since I had to make it really fast :3
But I am quite satisfied with the result, especially since I've done all the work on him - that includes all modelling, texturing, rigging and skinning - and since this is the first character I've ever rigging / skinning (got a quite intro on how to do so yesterday) I'm pretty damm proud of how it turned out :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Enderman - Day 4

I know I said there probaly wouldn't be any updates before next week - and there won't after this - but I made the head today so I thought you should see it :)

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3D Enderman - Day 3

It finally has feets! I'll be tweaking the shape of them and making them a lot more enderman-ish later, in zbrush but for now they make for an excellent mesh to scult on later and for the enderman to stand on :D

Tomorrow I'll be starting on creating the head, so once that attached it'll be looking a whole lot more like an enderman :D
But since I'm going Nordic Game Jam this weekend don't expect to see any updates before next week - I might post an update tomorrow on how far I've gotten with the head, but don't get ur hopes up ^^'

But until then, enjoy :)

3D Enderman - Day 2

Got the hands modelled and attached, along with a bunch of tweaks all over the body :)
Would have liked to getting the feets done as well, but that will have to wait for tomorrow

Not much to say today so here the image :D

3D Enderman - Day 1

One of things I'm currently working on is an enderman from Minecraft in 3D

Now creating an enderman exactly like they are in minecraft would be way to easy and I wanted something more challenging than that so I'm going to create more of an image on what I think they would look like if they were real (meaning less squared ;) )

Before we go any longer I'd like to give some props to StudioKagato who created this image on deviant. This image is basicly what have inspired me to do this and my enderman will end up with quite a few similarities to this :) Anyway here's what I've achieved after one day of work